Recently worked. Field maples in development.


All above started 2012 from pencil size seedlings. First 5 years in ground to bulk them, then transferred to current training pots and started from scratches. 🤔😉😁✌

Playing with Magic’s ceramic rock creation

Ceramic rock creation by Maciek at Magic ceramic
This rock is made with special pockets to place trees into. As you can see I have try one tree in one of the pockets and prepare other one for second tree. The mould of mix of sphagnum moss and akadama dust has been applied and the pocket has been fil with bonsai mix
I decided to use one variety of trees all over the composition. Common juniper “green carpet “
Some of trees I used where usual garden materials that have been styled last year but still in original garden soil
Two more trees fitted
Some of trees were repotted into bonsai soil last year.
Some less developed
Some bigger
The main tree at the top has good root system that I decided to partially use as exposed roots over rock, growing in rock grove from the top to the pocket at the base of the rock.
This grove has been filled with sphagnum moss and cover with keto. Other moulds at each pocket has been cover wit keto to.

Starting long time projects

Sitka spruce seedling
Fitting on the rock
Wrapped with sphagnum moss and black clinging film to keep roots moist and press to the rock.
Placed on the thick layer of soil to let roots grow into the soil and under the rock. Roots extension =>Roots thickness
Ready to go on bench
Second Sitka spruce fitting on the rock
Second one ready to go on bench
Third project. Rock itself.
Canadian tsuga seedling this time
Ready to go on bench