Changing clothes…RMJ to Itoigawa

Nebari Bonsai

This is the one called Fire. It was collected in South Dakota, right at the edge of a fire line. It’s not special, but did have good movement, and clearly a will to live.

In Late February ’14, I grafted Itoigawa into the main trunk. Somehow, I really goofed, and the channel went from slightly too narrow to the width of the Mississippi River. I used some bamboo sticks to wedge the scion into the stock on the bottom and hoped for the best. Here are some shots of the process:







A year later, and it is starting to take:

So I roughed up the callus along the bottom of the union, applied new putty, and attached it in a couple more spots, further up the trunk:


All set for another year or two:


Additionally, I began the wardrobe work on the largest one. This is the front, and currently…

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NIBS workshop 21/03/2015

Munster Bonsai Club

Two members from our club went to Belfast to enjoy day workshop with Ian and Phil. Some pictures below.

Mark’s elm before

and after re-potting and some carving and branches placement

Piotr’s Itoigave Juniper before

after styling – front

after styling – back (probably front in the future )

Some lovely larch has been style that day too

Ian B’s Larch after styling

Thanks Ian and Phil for having us up there. It was lovely busy day as usually.

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