Potting repotting

Spring busy time as usually in my young bonsai colection. Here we go some pictures of lately work.

Lonicera before and after in Magic ceramic pot.

Privet before in blue pot and after in slightly bigger pot and diferent angle

Acre palmatum lifted of the ground and planted in wooden box

Nestle spruce nana before and after

Berberis thunbergi before and after

Cotoneastr before and after in Magic ceramic pot

Acre palmatum Kashima garden center material repoted into wooden box

Freshly collected sitka spruce

Freshly collected sitka spruce mame size

Japanese/hybrid larch repoted from sphagnum moss into wooden box with open mix

Acre palmatum butterfly out off pond basket and planted into bonsai pot.

Canadian tsuga garden center material

And many other that I did not take pictures 😔😔😔

Picea Nidiformus 2 – new home

This is the tree i have been working on for last 3 years. Obvious garden center material

before first styling at the workshop wit Peter Snart in NIBS Belfast.

after Peter’s work.

spring 2015 I have chosen different front and angle. I’m very happy with that result.

and spring this year. the tree fill a bit, and I start thinking about pot. What pot would fit this tree? Rock, slab, obvious ceramic pot? What size? Then I have started think where can I see that style tree in landscape, and the idea come to my head. Rocky bank of the leak.

Something like those pines on pictures above.

As the idea come to my head I had to find somebody who will able to make the pot for my tree. Pot which will fit my imagine? Hmmy who can make pots? Of course Magic Ceramic, friendly bonsai hobbyist from Leinster Bonsai Club. (   Magic Cereamic  ) So I contacted him and explain my idea, then I have sent few pictures and measures. And???

This what he made for me. It looks way better then on picture. Anyway, my imagine start turning to live.

And this is my little spruce in new home. I really enjoy it.

Spruce III update

This tree has been collected by me in 2012 ( one of my first yamadori). After two years i think that I have the proper way to develop it and turn into some pre-bonsai tree.

2012 as it was collected and styled in one go ( I know that now it wasn’t good for tree)

2013 after whole season

I prefer this angle

July 2014 as You can see the foliage is getting dense but I’m not happy with overall shape

January 2015 I have had a look one more time and I think this tree is very boring, no trunk movement, no taper, all foliage very high – that is not good and it will not better if I will keep this way. What I like in this tree? It is the very bottom part of trunk, and nebari.

this is my fever part of this tree.

So the plan is chop of all top branches and start from scratches, just trunk base and the very first , very young shuts.

I just wondering what you think about? Any other idea? Please feel free to comment.