Recently worked – cork bark Chinese elm one year cuttings

Cork bark Chinese elm one year cuttings
One selected for new project
Fitting on the rock
All roots covered with sphagnum moss and wrapped black clinging film. All placed in 50/50 acadama/pumice Ibuki mix.
First two rows cork bark Chinese elm cuttings from 2018 separate from tray, all roots sorted and planted in 50/50 acadama/pumice Ibuki mix

jacqueline hill elm

some new project in my collection. It is dwarf elm -“Jacqueline Hill” variety. I think it has lot of potential to be nice shohin size tree in short future. We will see 🙂

It is grafted to some sort of elm stick and need to be air-lay next season.

the graft was made so badly that will become some nice trunk base in the future tree.