Workshop with Peter Snart at NIBS – day two – effects

My materials before and after workshop

chamaecyparis obtusa lovely small size tree (5″) has got first styling. It will get re-pot next spring.

I have found final pot for it but it will get into it in 3-4 seasons time. Maybe a little bigger.

JWP this material has some issue but I newer give up and I wont to make some pr-bonsai :). It is grafted to different pine root stock, the graft is not that bad so it is possible to reduce its visibility. the second issue was branches structure ( long empty branches with 4-5 shuts at the end). The amount of branches has been reduce, new lieder has been chose, now I need to work on branches structure, build dense foliage pads and try bring foliage closer to trunk. Fingers cross. 🙂

Juniper Sabina “Variegata” I think the last picture going to be front and I will go for cascade or semicascade

This Juniper need to get more ramification before any work can be done.

This Taxus advice has been given so I have plan for next 3-4 seasons:)

Workshop with Peter Snart at NIBS – day two

Second day at NIBS school was workshop. As usually Peter start with critique of our materials. It is very helpful part of school. It’s help to understand developing process and find out what need to be done and when and what should we expect after.

Stephen’s Alder

All hands on deck. All experts are involve. They help us all the time, they give us as much advice as possible.

There is time for lunch as well.

I have involved in three school sessions this year and all of those where very helpful, lot of information theory and practice as well, so it is worth to go there.

Workshop with Peter Snart at NIBS – day one

Last weekend was very busy for me. That because the lovely days wit friends from Northern Ireland and Peter Snart. Saturday as usually we had school day.

First learn yourself then teach others 🙂

Lets start the school. (This service is available for all NIBS and BIMC members.)

two best students from North

all students welcome by Peter

Peter’s talk …..

Peter’s talk about how to create properly bonsai tree to show its beauty

Mark’s JWP

At last club meeting one of our members brought Japanese White Pine with him to work with.

nice small size JWP grafted to JBP trunk. Picture above shows front of the tree (Mark chose). This tree looks lovely in overall view but it has some issues.

1 the bark at main trunk has regular rings cut after wiring. it can be turned into decent looking flecking bark in next couple seasons by cutting bark in different directions. Black Pine (trunk it is) growing fast so it will heal quick.

2 Pictures above shows this tree from better angle as a front.
again it is not my tree but any suggestions very welcome.

Bonsai School day at NIBS – prepering

I will have school weekend with Peter Snart at NIBS so it is time to prepare to it.

Mr. Young in his school desk

Juniper Sabina – need first styling

Scottish Pine – need some advice

Scottish pine – need some advice

Juniper spartan – need first styling

chamaecyparis obtusa -need first styling

Japanese White Pine – need first styling

Taxus Baccata – need some advice

Juniper Media “Old Gold” – need first styling

Juniper Sabina – need first styling
So it is going to be very busy weekend 🙂 for me and Peter and Ian and the other school boys 🙂

Taxus Baccata 1

At last club meeting I had Taxus tree with me to work with.

it is nursery stock material. I have it in my collections since September 2013. My plan was find out something about nebari and clean the trunk. This is what I found after 40min. work

The nebari itself is not impressive but could be worst. After removing old bark I have found some deadwood areas what make this tree more interesting.
Because the night meeting was to short to finish all works I decided to continued it on next Sunday.

that is the effect. overall view

deadwood and nebari

I think this angel is better

more deadwood all natural just cleaned.

nebari issue the rot growing on left hand side is quite have and bend up and toward I will try fix it in the future.

different angels view.

some natural created deadwood.

Bonsai Club meeting 2

Last Friday night we had second meeting. Small group but all very exciting. Every one had some material to work with.

New Logo banner with website address

Peter and his Juniper

Peter’s Juniper – front before workshop

Peter and Mark working on Peter’s Juniper

Ray’s Scottish Pine – front before workshop

Mark’s JWP grafted to JBP

Mark’s Crap Apple

and my Taxus Baccata befor workshop

my Taxus after workshop some complicated nebari and some interesting deadwood need more work but I stuck with time