Mark’s JWP

At last club meeting one of our members brought Japanese White Pine with him to work with.

nice small size JWP grafted to JBP trunk. Picture above shows front of the tree (Mark chose). This tree looks lovely in overall view but it has some issues.

1 the bark at main trunk has regular rings cut after wiring. it can be turned into decent looking flecking bark in next couple seasons by cutting bark in different directions. Black Pine (trunk it is) growing fast so it will heal quick.

2 Pictures above shows this tree from better angle as a front.
again it is not my tree but any suggestions very welcome.


2 thoughts on “Mark’s JWP

  1. Hi Piotr, and Mark if you are reading 🙂 This is a nice little JWP. It’s a common feature to see the wire marks on the root stock. I wouldn’t personally make any more cuts on this, it will fade with time. Enjoy it for what it is.

    The work on this tree so far is great and a bonus for a JWP is that it looks really healthy, well done. I would like to see it in the flesh so to speak (perhaps January 🙂 ) I have a few design options for it if Mark is open to a few changes but as it’s nice as it stands I don’t see any need for major changes. One thing to consider would be reducing the height by about 2 inches, this would create an older looking rounded profile. Add some fine wiring/ branch adjustments to this and I think we could take the tree to the next level.


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