Bonsai Club meeting 2

Last Friday night we had second meeting. Small group but all very exciting. Every one had some material to work with.

New Logo banner with website address

Peter and his Juniper

Peter’s Juniper – front before workshop

Peter and Mark working on Peter’s Juniper

Ray’s Scottish Pine – front before workshop

Mark’s JWP grafted to JBP

Mark’s Crap Apple

and my Taxus Baccata befor workshop

my Taxus after workshop some complicated nebari and some interesting deadwood need more work but I stuck with time


2 thoughts on “Bonsai Club meeting 2

    • No bother man I hope it will survive. It will need some wind protection. If you have some seaweeds grow stimulant you can spray over every couple weeks that should help feed this branch and heal quicker. Regards Piotr


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