Workshop with Peter Snart at NIBS – day two – effects

My materials before and after workshop

chamaecyparis obtusa lovely small size tree (5″) has got first styling. It will get re-pot next spring.

I have found final pot for it but it will get into it in 3-4 seasons time. Maybe a little bigger.

JWP this material has some issue but I newer give up and I wont to make some pr-bonsai :). It is grafted to different pine root stock, the graft is not that bad so it is possible to reduce its visibility. the second issue was branches structure ( long empty branches with 4-5 shuts at the end). The amount of branches has been reduce, new lieder has been chose, now I need to work on branches structure, build dense foliage pads and try bring foliage closer to trunk. Fingers cross. 🙂

Juniper Sabina “Variegata” I think the last picture going to be front and I will go for cascade or semicascade

This Juniper need to get more ramification before any work can be done.

This Taxus advice has been given so I have plan for next 3-4 seasons:)


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