10 x European Larches

Two weeks ago I have decided to by 10 European Larches seedlings, and start some new projects. Here they are:

First project three larches group

wooden box as training pot

and my larches group

Second Project tree on the rock

probably future front 🙂

roots spreading

Third Project – informal upright

will stay in this basket for next few seasons. I’m looking for some small size tree.

Fourth Project – two separate cascade one styled one will styled next winter.

this is the one with first styling

This one will get first style in winter or following one

There is one more in basket as formal upright and two other one in ground but I don’t have pictures 🙂

green beech re-potting

This beech has been in my collections since May 2012 in one pot and one mix so I decided it is time to check roots system and make some corrections if needed

overall view-before

all around nebari

all around roots ball. As we can see there is lot of fiber roots but they are to fare from trunk so I need to prune they quite hard to bring they closer to the trunk

after potting I have found that there is lot of empty spaces which need to be increase with numbers of fibers roots so i decided pack this spaces by sphagnum moss

will check it next spring