First Meeting, It’s Official!!

Leinster Bonsai Club

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You heard it here first folks. The first meeting of the Leinster Bonsai Club will be on Friday 27th June in Balbriggan Community Centre at 7.30pm. We have some members from the NI Bonsai Society coming down on the night to help us get the ball rolling and to offer advice and support regarding the club and also on our trees. If you have any trees, please bring a few along on the night for display and discussion.

If you have been waiting for a club in the greater Dublin area, then this is your chance to get involved right from the start. Please get in touch via the ‘Contact Us’ Tab at the top so we can gauge interest. If you are…

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Update on Chishio root grafts

Nebari Bonsai

Last March, Kathy and I placed 7 thread grafts through the base of the trunk in an effort to improve the nebari by increasing the number of roots that emerged from the trunk. The article is here:
During the ’13 growing season, 4 of the 7 grafts lived. Unfortunately, the two best-placed grafts didn’t make it.
I went very light repotting this year, with the goal of combing out the new roots radially, removing what died, and creating more space for the roots to grow. Here is what I found:
Front 3/13:

Front 3/14:

Back 3/13:

Back 3/14:

While the back was more successful, the scion emerging toward the camera in the last photo shows where I girdled the cambium on the way through the trunk, then backed it out…and the tree rooted itself beyond the graft point. I left it to see if it would swell up and…

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10 x European Larches

Two weeks ago I have decided to by 10 European Larches seedlings, and start some new projects. Here they are:

First project three larches group

wooden box as training pot

and my larches group

Second Project tree on the rock

probably future front 🙂

roots spreading

Third Project – informal upright

will stay in this basket for next few seasons. I’m looking for some small size tree.

Fourth Project – two separate cascade one styled one will styled next winter.

this is the one with first styling

This one will get first style in winter or following one

There is one more in basket as formal upright and two other one in ground but I don’t have pictures 🙂