Bonsai Museum in Marbella, Spain part. IX

I think to pure for displaying

very nice trunk, bark and deadwood

strange trunk base looks like some split trunk for four parts an seated tree on rock

lovely Chinese Elm cork bark I think

looks like some Salix with lovely trunk, bark and deadwood

another deadwood tree- Olive tree 30y

and Juniper on rock

Bonsai Museum in Marbella,Spain part.VIII

Another Junipers need more care

Do not know this species

Very nice trunk movement and bark – do not know species

Vitex Trifolia 150y

Acre Palmate Arakawa 80y – very nice trunk and bark

Acre Buergerianum 40y roots over rock

Bonsai Ireland Munster Club First Meeting

Lyons Bonsai


So the time has come for our first club meeting on Friday the 20th of September at 8pm in the Blackrock Hurling Club,Church Rd, Blackrock, Cork. So now that we have the time and Venue confirmed, all we need are Bonsai Enthusiasts. You are more than welcome to attend and bring a friend who may have interest in Bonsai. The aim of this Club is to have fun with bonsai, learn in a group setting and most importantly make a bonsai community in Cork.

For our first meeting we will get to know one an other and if each person would like to bring one tree with them just for discussion. It doesn’t need to be a 100 year old White Pine (If it is please bring it 🙂 ) If its a well developed or just material bought from a garden centre, please bring one tree if you can. It…

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