Some nice trees

Check this some nice trees pictures


Silver Birch re-potting

this tree has got to my collection in 2012 more pictures from progression

it has been pot into wooden box with bad mix ( beginners mistake). it was growing ok but because it was 4 seasons in the same soil and pot without any check I decided that it will be worth to re-pot it to new mix/pot and sort some roots too. Here we have some pictures.

before I attempt to re-potting

out of the pot.

after clean out all old soil

two heavy roots/stubs need to be removed

and job done

those two heavy cuts sealed by charcoal

and the tree in new home. maybe not the right angle but it will adjusted in next re-potting session.




Cotoneastre horizontalis re-potting

This tree has got to my collection in 2014 pictures of progression

It is garden center material and It has stayed in its original garden pot and soil mix. I have decided that it is the time to transfer it to some more bonsai image pot and mix.

out of the pot. lots of fresh roots.

roots stock after clean up.

and the tree in new home

European Olive re-potting

This little tree has got to my collection in 2013 as a garden center material. I have potted it that time into some training plastic bonsai pot, but I used bad quality mix. It was grown ok but not as good as I wish. this year I decided it is time to re-pot it, to some more open mix. Here we have some pictures.

out of the pot . As you can see the soil is very compact because I have use wrong cat litter as the mix ingredient ( do not use backed soda cat litter even it is no clumpy ).

roots stock ( not many after 3 seasons in that mix)

and the tree in new mix ( no clumping, backed clay cat litter/ gravel , in 1/1 ratio) and new bonsai pot too :}