Spruce III update

This tree has been collected by me in 2012 ( one of my first yamadori). After two years i think that I have the proper way to develop it and turn into some pre-bonsai tree.

2012 as it was collected and styled in one go ( I know that now it wasn’t good for tree)

2013 after whole season

I prefer this angle

July 2014 as You can see the foliage is getting dense but I’m not happy with overall shape

January 2015 I have had a look one more time and I think this tree is very boring, no trunk movement, no taper, all foliage very high – that is not good and it will not better if I will keep this way. What I like in this tree? It is the very bottom part of trunk, and nebari.

this is my fever part of this tree.

So the plan is chop of all top branches and start from scratches, just trunk base and the very first , very young shuts.

I just wondering what you think about? Any other idea? Please feel free to comment.

taxus baccata 1 re-potting

This tree has got to my collection as a nursery stock material in 2013. It has got some hard pruning and after that it just settle , so I decided that it need to be re-potted into better soil.

tree in original soil, pity clay

the roots stock

some heavy roots at the down side

after light roots pruning

in new mix and bigger shallower seeds tray

I will let it grow free next 2-3 seasons

Japanese Larch on rock update

This tree it is very young material. It has been potted as a seedling in February 2013, so it was the time to check roots.


roots volume – I think they where growing pretty good

after light trimming

and back in pot with new formula mix. In previous one I used wrong cat liter and the mix has broken down easily. This tree will grow free whole next season.