cedrus first styling

This tree has been in my collectin for more then two years, so I decided that it is right time to give it first styling.

tree before. tall tree, no taper on trunk, a little bit of movement, boring, boring so it is time to change it.

and after work , i still have some options, but i think i will stick to the first one and i will try build nice ramification on that branches


club meting 20/07/2015

and we have had special guest :}

Munster Bonsai Club

Last Monday we have our monthly meeting. Some pictures below

we have been having our club meeting outdoor this time. the weather was nice 🙂

some trees before and after work have been done

some trees has been critiqued

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Mycorrhizal fungus – Root friends


mycorrhizae-fungi The white threads are Michorrizal fungi.

Mycorrhizal fungi occurs naturally in soil. They form a close symbiotic relationship with plant roots. They are called mycorrhizae ,from the Greek “mukés”, meaning fungus, and “rhiza,” meaning roots. Mycorrhizae are considered to be in a mutualistic relationship because both organisms benefit. The fungus receives the products of photosynthesis from the plant and is therefore does not need to find its own sources of energy. At the same time the fungus grows out into the soil and retrieves nutrients, especially phosphorus and nitrogen, and passes these back to the plant. It is usually seen as a network a very thin, white threads spread throughout the soil in close contact with roots.

mycorhizes The root on the right has the fungus in close contact to enhance the absorptive area of the root. This means more nutrients and water can be absorbed than the root on the left.


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Trident Maple defoliation

Summer time it is good time to do some defoliation on good established and healthy trees.

My one it is trident maple. It has good primary branches but it need to get better ramification and defoliation should help.

my tree on Experience Bonsai in Belfast

and last week after defoliation and two bottom branches adjustment