My trees from workshop with Robert Porch, Phil Donnelly and Mike Boxy

JWP grafted to JBP roots stock before work
Of its existing pot
In its new Yamaaki pot
Korean hornbeam before work
Out of the pot, roots cleaned
Back into the same pot with new substrate
Mugo pine before
Out of the pound basket
In new Chinese pot
Sitka spruce before
After wiring and setting branches
Scots pine before second styling. This tree has got first styling at workshop with Pavel Slowak, two years ago
After styling
Another Scots pine. Collected three years ago from bog
And after first styling.

I had few more trees, they were worked too but I didn’t take pictures of progression. It was very productive weekend. I learned lot of. Thank you Robert, Phil and Mike

European larch on rock update

After 5 years growing from less then penci thick seedling
Off training pot
Roots in cleaning process
The part of the rock and roots stock that is going to be exposed in future was cleaned, roots placed, packed with sphagnum moss and wrapped with black clinging film. All that should keep roots moist and press to the rock to help attached them to rock tight. Not covered part will be placed into training wooden box with 50/50 akadama/pumice Ibuki mix.
All placed into wooden box roughly future final pot size.

Recently worked – cork bark Chinese elm one year cuttings

Cork bark Chinese elm one year cuttings
One selected for new project
Fitting on the rock
All roots covered with sphagnum moss and wrapped black clinging film. All placed in 50/50 acadama/pumice Ibuki mix.
First two rows cork bark Chinese elm cuttings from 2018 separate from tray, all roots sorted and planted in 50/50 acadama/pumice Ibuki mix