Potting season time to start it.

It looks like spring has come to my garden and some of my trees started move, so it is time to change some of they pots.
First one

Parthenocissus quinquefolia


Decision has been made – Juniper Media

I have brought this Juniper with me from my holiday in Poland July last year. Since that time I have been looking at it and tried to find good direction. The decision has been made last Saturday and I’m pretty happy with it.

Tree in September 2013

and end of October at Willowboog and NIBS school

and the tree at Saturday 22/02/2014 after cut off about 30% of foliage

and the final tree where I’m going with. I’m going to cut off the rest of foliage in 3-4 runs to the end of this year.

any comments, suggestions, tips very welcome.

Building ramification

very simple showed

Nebari Bonsai

Trees grow from the tips, gaining mass behind them. In bonsai the goal is to control how the tips grow (shape and balance) and manage how they gain the mass along the way. We use that growth in many ways; building mass to make branches bigger, to make entire parts of the tree bigger, or to put the finishing touches in the form of ramification.

The “clip and grow” term is used to describe letting a branch grow until it has 5 or more leaves, then trimming it back to one or two. This is performed during the growing season. Each node has a dormant bud where the leaf stem attaches to the branch, which can be signaled to grow when the branch is trimmed back. A dormant bud is circled in red below:

Grow the branch to 5 or more nodes (leaves):

Trim it back to 2:

Dormant buds…

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