Decision has been made – Juniper Media

I have brought this Juniper with me from my holiday in Poland July last year. Since that time I have been looking at it and tried to find good direction. The decision has been made last Saturday and I’m pretty happy with it.

Tree in September 2013

and end of October at Willowboog and NIBS school

and the tree at Saturday 22/02/2014 after cut off about 30% of foliage

and the final tree where I’m going with. I’m going to cut off the rest of foliage in 3-4 runs to the end of this year.

any comments, suggestions, tips very welcome.

New in my collection 01/2014

some new materials in my collection

Cedrus deodar as it comes to my garden. It is about 1.6 m tall and very bushy. So I decided that the foliage need to be selected.

and the tree after cleaning. There is some nice movement in low and top parts of trunk. I hope to get two trees off this one

Picea Nidiformus it is dwarf variety of nestle spruce. It comes to my garden as nursery stock

The root ball

and in new training pot