This tree has got into my collection as garden nursery stock material in November 2012 because the leaves size and color.

The tree as it comes to my collections November 2012

The tree after pruning and ready to re-pot. Lots of rots as most of garden nursery stock have.

and in pot in my mix 1/1 girth/cat litter. April 2013

the same tree in September 2013

Green Beech 1

This tree it is nursery material for hedge. It is about 60 cm. high and 3 cm. thick at the trunks base. It is material for long therm project.

Potted in to my mix 1/1/1 road stone/builder sand/ compost. And left for whole season for free grow. This tree has a little trunk movement and some rots spreading, but there is no trunk taper. Plenty thins to develop but who care.

After 12 months it is time to do some work on my beech. I chop trunk and make main branches selection. I think it will nice tree in next 5-6 years.

and middle of season in leaves.

30/08/2013 end of summer. You can see some roots spreading.The plan for next year is prune hard in spring, let grow free with some maintenance pruning in middle of summer.

Silver Birch

This tree has been collect in May 2012 as a rescue action. This tree has been growing on field for some period but owner of the field decided to dig over it. This is what I have found.

The trunk base is about 10 cm. wide and whole tree is 60 cm. high with only one rot about 2 cm. thick and 30 cm. length.
Only two small shuts about 5 cm. length, but I have decided to give it second chance.

Straight trunk, no taper and no branches and the more important no knowledge about this species, but I put it into my own soil mix 1/1/1 girth/builder sand/compost.

big scare on trunk base after mini digger works.

and the tree in October 2012

because this tree has responded well and I wasn’t happy with overall view. I decided do some work to make this tree more attractive. Decision was make this trees trunk shorter (yellow line ) and do some carving ( red line ). I could do that because I have two strong growing branches at low level. So my plan is develop this tree with those two branches ( we will see)

After nearly all leaves fall of I decided to my plan become. I know it is not perfect but it gives me beater material to start developing process. This wiring going to be taken of next late spring and the tree will growing free for whole next season.

My birch in August 2013. It will pruned back next spring, and I will let it grow free next season as well.

Bonsai Ireland Munster Club

Last Friday night we had first meeting of our bonsai club. This has happened in Blackrock Hurling Club, Cork City, and what amazing night it was. We had 9 person in different age and different stage with bonsai, but all of us very exciting.
The whole idea/topic at this first meeting was present each other, let the other know who we are and what stage with bonsai we present. Also we made framework for next season. We want have meeting on every 3rd Friday each month exclude summer months at 8pm. in Balckrock Hurling Club, Cork city. Also we want start some school and workshop with some more experienced friends from Norther Ireland Bonsai Society (we work on that). All of us have brought some tree with, so we had some critics and some advice what next step in developing progress should be taken.
There is a lot of enthusiasm in each of us so I thing it is going to made well going club.
Few pictures from meeting below

Mark’s tree

Those bushes at left hand side they are my

Matt’s trees

Ray’s trees

Peter’s tree

Adrian’s tree

And club members in discussion

First Club Meeting Approaching Fast

Lyons Bonsai


Well the time for our first club meeting is fast approaching, and was long over due. There has been a lot of interest from all over the country and we have people travelling long distances to be with us. Just a reminder it is on this Friday night at 8.00pm in the Blackrock Hurling Club, Cork. Any questions or queries don’t hesitate to contact me.

It will be a great night and dont forget to bring a tree with you. Roll on Friday 🙂

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Cryptomeria Japanica 1

This little tiny tree has got into my collection in April 2013 as discounted garden nursery stock. It was very weak so I let it recover. The trunk was almost whole cover by moss so I clean it and remove death foliage.

I think it has a lot of potential to be good bonsai tree in short time. I will let it first styling next spring.

Pinus Mugo Pumilo

I have got this little tree in April 2013 from local garden nursery as discounted material. It is little tiny mugo pine with lovely branches structure nearly styled as semi cascade or cascade tree. It is very tiny. The pot size is less then 2″ wide.

As you can see it is very promising material. I will try keep it as tiny as possible.

pictures below shows some other proposed angles, branches structure and lots of new buds for coming season .