Bonsai Ireland Munster Club

Last Friday night we had first meeting of our bonsai club. This has happened in Blackrock Hurling Club, Cork City, and what amazing night it was. We had 9 person in different age and different stage with bonsai, but all of us very exciting.
The whole idea/topic at this first meeting was present each other, let the other know who we are and what stage with bonsai we present. Also we made framework for next season. We want have meeting on every 3rd Friday each month exclude summer months at 8pm. in Balckrock Hurling Club, Cork city. Also we want start some school and workshop with some more experienced friends from Norther Ireland Bonsai Society (we work on that). All of us have brought some tree with, so we had some critics and some advice what next step in developing progress should be taken.
There is a lot of enthusiasm in each of us so I thing it is going to made well going club.
Few pictures from meeting below

Mark’s tree

Those bushes at left hand side they are my

Matt’s trees

Ray’s trees

Peter’s tree

Adrian’s tree

And club members in discussion


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