Bonsai 30 next weekend.

As many of you know Northern Ireland Bonsai Society will be celebrating they 30 anniversary next weekend. They going to put  the biggest bonsai show in Ireland, and I’m going be there.

Bonsai 30 poster FINAL DRAFT

Our club, Munster Bonsai Club, as the sister club, has been invited to put some of ours best trees into display. There are pictures of some my proposed displays.

My mame size displays

Chuhin size

Not many trees but they are my best one. Any comments, suggestions are very welcome.

Cedrus deodar air-layering update.

December last year

after separation end of April this year. nice roots stock . shame that they are only on one side.

and today. Was it worth? I don’t know. We will see in the future. But I like it. I like the trunk movement ,trunk taper and branches structure. What need to be improve? ramification, bark quality for sure, but this year it need to just grow.

My mame size

some of my mame size trees.

Japanese larch. Around 5 years lifted of the ground last spring

Sitca spruce about 3 years old lifted of the ground last spring

Japanese larch about 4 years old lifted of the ground last spring