Workshop trees 13-14/09/2014

Munster Bonsai Club

There are some pictures of ours workshop trees before and after the work

Ray’s Pine before

The same Pine after work. It is lovely row material and very promising one.

Kieran’s San Jose Juniper – before

The same juniper after work

Mark’s JWP – before

the same Pine after work.

Piotr’s Chinese Juniper – before

the same tree after works

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We have 12 months !!!!!!!

Munster Bonsai Club

I don’t know how it happened but we just have passed 1 year on the scene. It was very busy year for us, lots of events, meetings, and plenty new experiences, but I thing it was worth to set up and push into life our club. Many thanks to Ian Young and Phill Donnelly for yours support, many thanks to all members for yours enthusiast and co-operation. I hope that it was the hardest year for us and every next one will be easiest, but also more exciting and more helpful for us.

SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY Munster Bonsai Club

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Balon trip Kapadokya Turkey

If you ever will have opportunity to get a balon trip just go ahead. it is doesn’t mater ho e much it is, it is worth any many.
My trip was only 50 mins and cost my 80€ but it was well worth, the experience I have got from…. There are some pictures

So we make 330 m above the ground level and we moved 1 km away from starting point but that what we seen …. it is undesirable views. And it is worth an many to see it. No place like this in Europe

Souvenir from Poland

As usually when in Poland on holidays I do some searching for bonsai materials. This is what I found other day.

it is as I spotted it. Nothing special. Just lot of nice dense foliage, seating deeply inside big pot. But from other side.. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :):)

what the hell …. 🙂

what the lovely trunk movement 🙂 😉

Any way it has been post to me and I got it today. Because root stock was in very poor condition ( lots of soil has been lost) I decide to slip it to other pot without any roots disturbing. I use pond basket and basic soil mix (gravel/spillage absorbent, 2/1).

it its new home after general clean up.

IF SOMEONE CAN HELP AND NAME THE VARIETY OF THIS JUNIPER PLEAS ( I was too exciting and forgot ask when purchasing)

Juniper Sqamanta “Blue carpet” I update

ok this is any update to fusion trunks progression on my Juniper sqamanta

two trunks/main branches has fused together in one growing season

overall view on the tre. next year I will work on pads
this year destination/goal has been reached I unwrapped the place where the trunks need to be fussed and put some additional screws at back side of the trunk