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Hi all I decided to try some other social device to promote our club in the scene. Try link below and share with others


Japanese Larch 1- progression

This larch has been leave to grow freely for whole season but one of the trunks has gone so I decided to turn it into Jin

tree in April I was hopping that left hand side trunk will come back but unfortunately it didn’t

and the tree with new image

it will get some wiring this winter

Bonsai Ireland Hub

I think it is very good idea All info about Irish Bonsai community in one place. Grate to see it

Bonsai Eejit

It’s time to get organised people!

After years without an organised bonsai scene in Ireland we now have a new drive to fulfill the needs of bonsai enthusiasts across this Island. As Chairman of the NI Bonsai Society, a club that has been running from 1986, I get many requests from people all over Ireland looking to get involved in Bonsai as a hobby. Some travel up to our events from as far away as Cork, but many can’t commit to this. This is a missed opportunity as far as connecting like minded people goes.

Well, this is now coming to an end! With the hard work of Paul Masterson in creating the Bonsai Ireland Hub,you can now sign up and chat and connect via the the new hub site. Each member club will be showcased and we will share information about bonsai events across Ireland. We are also hoping…

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Bonsai Ireland Munster Club 15/11/2013

Last Friday we had our club meeting. Small group but all are very exciting and seeking knowledge. Almost all meeting we had discussion about passing season and all other bonsai aspect.

We had trees with us and some of us has been doing some work

Ray’s trees




Mark’s trees

acre palmatum

Peter’s trees

mugo pine

my trees


JWP “Chikusa Goten”

Pinus Mugo pumiloo


Thanks to all my blog viewers. After 5 months blogging I have got 1000 views and I can see that average amount of daily views is increasing, so next 1k we will rich quicker. Thanks all. It is very important to us, that there is somebody who want to see whats on.
There is next club meeting tonight. So check out for some pic.