Japanese Larch 1- progression

This larch has been leave to grow freely for whole season but one of the trunks has gone so I decided to turn it into Jin

tree in April I was hopping that left hand side trunk will come back but unfortunately it didn’t

and the tree with new image

it will get some wiring this winter


Thanks to all my blog viewers. After 5 months blogging I have got 1000 views and I can see that average amount of daily views is increasing, so next 1k we will rich quicker. Thanks all. It is very important to us, that there is somebody who want to see whats on.
There is next club meeting tonight. So check out for some pic.

Mr. Ian Young and his garden

I would like to share with you some picture of Mr. Young and his garden.

Ian Young studing deeply bonsai art.

He wasn’t bad student. Judge his work yourself.

Ian’s main bench

some other benches but this is not all Mr. Young has many more material to play with. It is very exciting visit place such like this a specially for newbie bonsaists