Green Beech 1

This tree it is nursery material for hedge. It is about 60 cm. high and 3 cm. thick at the trunks base. It is material for long therm project.

Potted in to my mix 1/1/1 road stone/builder sand/ compost. And left for whole season for free grow. This tree has a little trunk movement and some rots spreading, but there is no trunk taper. Plenty thins to develop but who care.

After 12 months it is time to do some work on my beech. I chop trunk and make main branches selection. I think it will nice tree in next 5-6 years.

and middle of season in leaves.

30/08/2013 end of summer. You can see some roots spreading.The plan for next year is prune hard in spring, let grow free with some maintenance pruning in middle of summer.

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