Picea Nidiformus 3 initial pruning

This is another of my picea nidiformus tree. I give it some initial pruning.

as it comes to my collection. Very bushy with very tiny foliage.

after exposing trunk base

after pruning. First picture as potential front. I will let it grow freely all season before next step will be taken

Kieran’s workshop trees

Munster Bonsai Club

Kieran most of the day has spend on his new acquired Scottish pine

before work

and after work. this tree is at the very first step to be bonsai tree but it has lots of potential.

Kieran has been working on others trees as well

first styled cotoneaster ( no pictures before ;( )

freshly potted cotoneaster ( no pictures before ;( )

lovely hawthorn after first styling

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Piotr’s workshop trees

Munster Bonsai Club

I had some trees with me. All of them has been re-potted.

First one is Japanese White Pine I have acquired last October at Leinster Bonsai club workshop where it was styled.

the tree after first styling and before last workshop

and after potting in new shell pot.

Next one was twin trunk Japanese larch. I have had it in my collection for last 3 years. It has got new pot at the workshop.

tree after styling in November -before re-potting

after in new pot

next one is Cork bark elm

tree before re-potting in November

after potting

next one is mugo pine

before re-potting in November last

after potting in to pond basket as e training pot

Next one is mugo pine winter gold variety

before re-pottin in November on my bench

after re-potting into pond basket with free drainage mix

And finally freshly collected day before workshop cotoneaster

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