Itoigawa Workshop: Start to Finish

Bonsai Prelude

Itoigawa before photo Itoigawa before photo

The workshop I chose to participate in this past weekend was the Itoigawa juniper workshop with Ryan Neil. In this post I hope to point out some of the things I learned, guiding us through the process of styling just as we did in the workshop. So get your notebooks out, this is going to be a long one.

The first step of the styling process (assuming you’ve already chosen the tree) is to identify the following, in order of importance:

1. Find the best base for your tree. By this I mean view your tree from every side, the idea is to find stability. Trees that have an unstable appearance (generally caused by a very thin trunk entering the ground) create an unstable feeling in the viewer. In most cases you’ll want to pick the view where your tree looks the widest at the point where…

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Munster Bonsai Club May Meeting

Lyons Bonsai

So that time of the month has rolled around again and we were not lucky enough to have acquired a room in our usual location. In the end we ended up having the meeting in my house. Which is only two mins from the original destination, which makes it easier as everyone more or less knew where to go and we saved a few bob (money) in the process. Anyway it turned out to be just four of us, and it was still quite a busy night. We had plenty to talk about and had a bit of time to get our hands dirty. Thanks to my little Hinoki. Everyone had a tree to work on, and some got a nice few haircuts.

I was gutted that i missed the workshop last month, and felt the effect of not having a regular meeting regarding bonsai. It really does give you a jolt…

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Green Beech 1 update

this beech has been growing free for whole 2 years with some annual pruning. As recommended young trees should be re-potted every 2-3 years so it was the time to start check/work with roots.
the tree starts develop some strong roots at one side of nebari but the other side doesn’t looks that good.

roots after washing off

some of those heavy roots has been cut of and the tree got into the same box with new mix girth/spillage absorbent 1/1 and some sphagnum moss wrapping.

will check it next spring