Green Beech 1 update

this beech has been growing free for whole 2 years with some annual pruning. As recommended young trees should be re-potted every 2-3 years so it was the time to start check/work with roots.
the tree starts develop some strong roots at one side of nebari but the other side doesn’t looks that good.

roots after washing off

some of those heavy roots has been cut of and the tree got into the same box with new mix girth/spillage absorbent 1/1 and some sphagnum moss wrapping.

will check it next spring


6 thoughts on “Green Beech 1 update

    • ok the first potting mix was girth ( crushed stones similar to horticultural gravel) with Tesco cat litter and builders sand 1/1/1. The tree was in that mix two seasons, it was growing ok but as I said it is important check roots as well. The new potting mix is 2-4 mm girth with oil spillage absorbent (the same staff, as not clumping, dust free cat litter) 1/1. Sphagnum moss was added to promote fiber roots growing ( it is very often use for air-laying ) .
      Regards Piotr


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