Juniper Sqamanta “Blue carpet” I

Hi all. This time I have another Juniper Squamanta “Blue Carpet” variety, and I will present my works progression on this tree.
It is nursery stock material I have bought in January 2013 from B&Q store.

First few weeks I wasn’t sure where to go with it. But one sunny day I decided it need to go somewhere so I started styling process. This material has three average trunks laying horizontally, all similar size so I decided to lift them up and fusion two of them and make jiin of third one. The tree was shifted to bigger pot without roots disturbing. Pot was filled by road girth.

20/03/2013 front after styling

as you can see there is one trunk without foliage the first to the right. this two first branches to left and right coming out of second trunk which is hiding behind main trunk. I used raffia and insulating tape to set this two trunks together.

I think its turn in some way into not bed material for bonsai.

After 5 months in wire it comes to take wire off because wire starts growing in and it will make big scar on branches and trunk as-well. This tree was only 5 months in wires but it set very well. The fusing trunks process need to be carried on for next few seasons. This tree was fed regularly every 4 weeks by Lidl conifer fertilizer, and not pinched till August.

front after 5 months still in wires

and after wires take off, there is few scars on trunk and branches after wire grow over but I think it will heal in next season. All branches set well and stay in its positions.

this picture shows new wrapping to prolong trunks fusion process. this time I used tomato tights. It is cotton tape with some stretching characteristic. I feel it will make this job better then raffia, and it will able stay for longer period without re-wrapping

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