Spring pruning again


First signs of spring on my trees

I have been messing around my garden today and I noticed that some of my trees are showing signs of spring.


European Larch cascade style second year in development.



on right Japanese Larch collected from wild 4 years in development, on left European Larch on rock second year in development.



Acre Palmate “Kashima” 1 year in development. Material from garden center.

There are many more that are ready to start to 🙂

shohin formal upright larch update

This is European Larch , I have choose to style it as formal upright  tree. as you can see there is some issue at the top . It need to be fix, and better now then wait to next season.

There are two heavy branches at the top and apex is growing with some angle to the trunk line.

the top part above thick branch has been remove and some notch added .

the top heavy branch has been bent up vertically and secured by wire. Now i have straight trunk line with better branches structure. I will update the process next season .