Lodgepol pine grafting

This pine has been in my collection for last 4 years. Nothing special, but it is first one I have collect from wild and it is still life. For last four years I have been trying to bring foliage closer to the trunk but no success. During that time the bark at the trunk base become really nice and mature so it would be shame to give up with this tree, so I decided to use one of other technic and try graft one of the branches that the foliage will be closer to the trunk and I will able to start build the tree from it.
There we have some pictures from approach.

as you can see not many branches and foliage is way to fare from the trunk comparing to the tree size.

most interesting part of my tree – trunk base with some flecking bark on it, this part I’m going to use in future.

this is the branch I’m going to use and graft to the trunk

it is thine but I need to keep it without any damage to provide good sap flow ( it is going to be bent to meet grafting point)

grafting point

small natch where the branch will seat- done by dremell

branch fit perfect. not the distance between trunk and foliage, it is just 1″ apart from trunk.

and all wrap by raffia. bark at joining point has been strip, and all seal by cut past and then wrap by raffia to keep it in good solid position. Not how the branch is bent reason I put raffia on it.

this grafted branch will grow freely for next one/ two seasons to allow it get strength and tick up. the other branches will get eliminated one by one from top to the bottom to balance the vigor.

All comments are very welcome.