Cryptomeria japonica update




Never ending re-potting

I have re-potted two of my oak trees last week. Simple because they were in bad quality mix , and I have had to check the roots.

First one collected from wild in 2013

before re-potting

off the pot

after cleaning as you can see there is nice roots stock at the very bottom of the trunk, so I decided to remove those roots at the right side at the old soil level.

new nebari.

as en experiment to improve roots stock I decided to fix  tile at the bottom of the trunk so the tree is siting on this tile with sphagnum moss  bedding .

and the whole installation is buried int bigger pot with my usual mix 1/1 CL/gravel.

I have adjusted the angle too .

Second one has been collected in 2013 too.And potted into bad mix so I decided to re-potted it too.




off the pot

roots after clean out the soil

as you can see very similar situation to the tree above, so I decided change the angle and use only the roots from the very bottom.

the tree in new soil, the same pot, different angel. I think looks better , nice trunk taper and some movement too. I will chop it in late autumn just above first twig at the left, I think.

Any comment are very welcome.