today I decided to put some air-layer to my trees. first one is Zelcova garden center material that I got as bear rot material last yer.

this is how it look like today. As you can see the trunk is pretty straight with no taper, so I need to decide what next.

I like the base and the rot spread under the soil is not bad, so I can use lower section and build new canopy . The easiest way would be chop the trunk somewhere around green line, but what about that part above? It would be wasted. No good. So the other option  is air-layer it, but is it worth? Let see.

Again straight trunk with no taper, but it is very young material so it has long way to be pre-bonsai , and it can make nice broom style tree, so go ahead.

Full ring bark striped off.

I usually using pot or tube filled with sphagnum moss as the medium for my air-layers.

We will see results in the autumn .

Next tree is more exciting one. It is Korean Hornbeam, I have got to my collection in spring this year.

As you can see the tree has lovely movement and lots of potential, only one issue the top section.

that can make one tree

and that can bee the second one, so why not .

The same method as above tree. We will see in future.

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