Trident Maple spring update

This little fella improving every year. It is still waiting for proper pot, hopefully next spring.

one of those

what would be yours choice? can any one make a photo shop for me please the proposed pots are the same sizes as existing one except depth .


15 thoughts on “Trident Maple spring update

  1. Piotr, I like last one. It is nice tree but did you think about improving nebari, if possible? It is only one picture so hard to judge from it. I can imagine the tree with much flatter nebari.

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    • Thanks Maros. Yup , my plan was get a bit bigger pot but a little shallower as well to get roots more spread , but it will be first time I will re-pot it so I don’t know the root system so well , it may take few steps rather then one go. We will see next spring.


  2. Ok, my input just to confuse you further lol. I reserve the judgement to see the tree with the pots, I think they might be a little small but hard to tell. In order of preference for me 3rd, 2nd, 1st then 4th. 3rd as I like the look of the pot and the dull blue appeals to me. Looks a little wider which is good but might not be deep enough. 2nd is nice, not just as nice a colour but the shape and depth might make this the best fit. I really like the first pot but I’m not sure it’d be big enough or that it suits the tree, perhaps a little too in your face. 4th, I like the colour but the shape isn’t just as nice and it also looks a little shallow. Photoshopping is hard to do for these. Trying to keep the scale exact and making it look right is a task. That said I did a quick one. I’ve emailed it to you.

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    • Thanks Ian. As you know yourself choosing the right pot it is not such easy thing. My idea about this tree is , get some bigger pot but shallower then existing one, then try spread roots more flat to improve nebari and bring canopy closer to the pot, ( better proportions I think). I like yours virts you post me. I think the 3rd one of my post just a little bigger then existing one should be ok. I like the other shallow one from yours virts as well. PM to me details I will think about


  3. I would choose the third pot because the texture of the glaze highlight the bark of the tree and in my opinion the tree transmit calm and because of this I`ll pick the simplest pot. good luck with your choose! 🙂

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