Tigerbark Ficus clean up.

worth to read if have some indoor trees

Chris V bonsaiblog

Although many bonsai artist stick with outdoor trees when not living in the tropics, most of them do have some trees indoors. A lot of the time it’s a ficus. I also have a couple of them. Ficus are easy bonsai to keep indoor because they are able to survive and even slightly adapt to the harsh conditions our living rooms have. Dry air with minimum humidity, drafts, temperature fluctuation and low light. I’ve seen ficus trees that barely get watered with almost no soil, dry and  full of cracks and still they had some branches with leaves. Now that isn’t the reason I keep them it’s more about that ficus are the only trees I can keep alive in my house that comes close to bonsai as I know it. I’ve tried many species but they all wouldn’t last long except for my ficus. I defoliate them, repot them any time…

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