Last week collected

Last week I have collected two trees

First one -Privet collected from the hip after road trenching

as collected

and in the pot, lots of deadwood

natural deadwood details

future angle as you can see the main trunk is dead so I’m going to use right side branch to build whole canopy.
At this moment it is in greenhouse, I will do some pruning in the end of season if so. Some cleaning and work on deadwood in middle of season


2 thoughts on “Last week collected

  1. Hi Piotr, nice thick trunk! This looks like Griselinia littoralis. It was very common as a hedging plant all round the country until the two cold winters of 2010/11. A lot of the hedges around, especially inland were killed with the frost. Normally it’s really a seaside plant so it’s a good idea to keep it in the glasshouse until the spring, just in case you get a sudden hard frost. Otherwise it’s a fast grower. Ray


    • Hi Ray
      Thanks for correct me with named of my tree. I’m not good with it 🙂
      As you can see from the pictures the main trunk is dead so it was one of those affected by frost in the past. I hope it will stay with me for next couple seasons, just for fun and play to get more experience. We will see how it will works


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