Some nice materials from my holidays in Poland

This year I was lucky, and my family and I, we went for three weeks to Poland. It was lovely time very busy but I have found a little time for bonsai as well. I have been visiting most popular bonsai school in Warsaw and went to some garden centers too.
This is what I brought with me in my car boot.

Juniper Sabina “Tamariscifolia” 1

very nice foliage
and some nice trunk too

Juniper Sabina “Tamariscifolia” 2

this One is after cleaning all death foliage was remove all moss removed as-well and I dig a little in to pot to expose nebari

it kooks very promising for me

and foliage shot close up

Next one are
Juniper Sabina “Variegata” 1

some interesting foliage color

and trunk base and movement as-well

Juniper Sabina “Varigata” 2

Next one is
Juniper Chinese “Spartan”

very nice foliage color

and trunk too

Next one is
Juniper Media “Old Gold”

Next one is
Chamaecyparis Optusa

lovely little tree with a lot of potential and character

Those trees made 3000 km inside car boot and they are going to make me busy at next few workshops sessions. I will update progress in separate pages.


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